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British Stars in Marvel and DC Comic Book Movies

You Won't Believe How Many Brits Have Starred in Marvel and DC Movies

British Stars in Marvel and DC Comic Book Movies
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Just what is it about British actors and comic-book adaptations? From Henry Cavill as Superman to Letitia Wright as Shuri, there's a grand tradition of British stars playing superheroes and supervillains in big-budget blockbusters. Can you believe we found almost 60 examples of comic-book movie and TV stars from the UK, and that's only from the more recent Marvel and DC adaptations? Why do British stars do so well in these films? Maybe they're more readily available, maybe they're more accommodating, or maybe there's just something about the accent? After all, can you imagine Loki delivering his most cutting lines with anything other than Tom Hiddleston's silver tongue? Check out all the Brits who've taken on comic-inspired roles now, and let us know any we've missed!

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