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Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Scene With Jake Peralta and Rosa Diaz

Exclusive: Jake and Rosa Play a Hilarious Game of Chance in This Brooklyn Nine-Nine Clip

If there's anything we love more than the usual hijinks from the Brooklyn Nine-Nine crew, it's when our favorite detectives team up to work together. Obviously, we love seeing Amy and Jake put their minds together, but there's nothing like a Jake and Rosa team-up to take things up a notch. The two have worked together on some amazing cases before (never forget, they're the first ones to meet the Pontiac Bandit himself, Doug Judy), and it looks like they're in for another wild ride. In an exclusive sneak peek from this Thursday's episode, the two rely on a game of chance to decide how to deal with a victim's mother while working a crime scene. Unsurprisingly, it's a hot mess. Watch the clip above, and try not to get distracted by Rosa's hair . . .

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