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Cake Trailer

Jennifer Aniston Bares It All in the Trailer For Cake

Jennifer Aniston goes to new places in Cake as Claire, a woman who's become addicted to painkillers after being in a car accident that killed her young son. The movie introduces us to Claire's messy grief: her bad attitude, her estranged relationship with her husband (Chris Messina), and her surly demeanor at the group counseling where she's supposed to be getting help. It's there she develops an obsession with a deceased member of the group, Nina (Anna Kendrick), and soon she starts hallucinating her and insinuating herself in her life, even hanging out with Nina's husband (Sam Worthington). Cake had a warm reception at TIFF earlier this year, and Aniston has been getting buzz for losing makeup and vanity and showing us a raw, hurting character. Cake comes out in wide release in January.

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