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Will Cersei Lannister Marry Jon Snow on Game of Thrones?

Game of Thrones: Why Cersei Should Marry Jon Snow

Things aren't looking particularly great for Cersei Lannister on Game of Thrones. After getting her sweet revenge in the season six finale, a lot of Westeros is scared of her. And whoever isn't scared of her is most surely her enemy. Cersei has lost all of her children, and she's on the verge of descending into madness. Given the nature of the prophecy that continues to haunt her, there might be more darkness in her future. Yes, it's looking like Cersei is getting backed into a corner. And with Jon Snow coming down from the North and Daenerys coming from the sea, it's seeming less and less likely she'll win . . . unless something crazy happens.

Earlier this year, we got word of a potential love interest for Cersei, straight from Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who plays Jaime Lannister. This could be anyone, but there's only one suitor who could change the whole game: what if Cersei somehow manages to lock down Jon Snow? We know, we know: that's crazy. The Lannisters have killed Ned Stark and tortured Sansa Stark. There's no reason for Jon Snow to want to marry Cersei. But if they could somehow come to some sort of arrangement to benefit both of them, it's not out of the question.

Listen, there's a lot going against this theory. It's way more likely that Jon will get together with Daenerys. After all, that would make a lot more sense when it comes to taking over Westeros. And, as we noted, there are plenty of reasons for Jon to not want to be with Cersei . . . then there's the whole thing where Jon might marry Sansa. After all, incest isn't all that weird in Westeros, and that makes a lot of sense strategically as well. But if we ignore all of that, it's not completely out of line to consider this alternate couple. Could Jon and Cersei be a real thing?


There are a few reasons he might agree to it. Having the artillery of King's Landing combined with the forces of the North could prove to be pretty indestructible. And there's always the chance Jon might agree to marry Cersei to get close to her and betray her. After all, some theories suggest he's the one that kills her as opposed to Tyrion or Jaime. And then there's option three: somehow, by some crazy and weird miracle, the two fall in love. But, I mean, it's more likely that Lady Stoneheart will burst onto the scene on a dragon's back.

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