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Christina Applegate on Turning Down Legally Blonde WWHL

Watch Christina Applegate's Attempt at Saying She Doesn't Regret Turning Down Legally Blonde

Christina Applegate could've possibly starred as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde had she not passed on the script — a decision she feels zero regret about. Really! The actress offered a hilarious answer when asked about her decision during a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live with her Dead to Me costar Linda Cardellini, who coincidentally played Chutney Windham in Legally Blonde. (In another coincidence, Applegate and Reese Witherspoon, who went on to famously portray Elle Woods, both had cameos as Rachel Green's sisters, Amy and Jill Green, on Friends.)

After clarifying that she hadn't been officially offered the role, Applegate said, "The script came to me, but at that time I had just gotten off of Married With Children and I felt like it was too close to what I had just been doing." As for whether she regrets it, Applegate said, "No, I don't regret it, because Reese Witherspoon did a much better job than I ever could, and she has now way more money than I do, and way more success. So, why would I even regret that?" That's the spirit!

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