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Demi Lovato Losing Her Voice at Album Release Party Video

Demi Lovato Missed a High Note During a Performance, and Her Reaction Was Priceless

Demi Lovato confirmed that she's every bit the boss b*tch we think she is while performing at her iHeartRadio release party for her new album, Tell Me You Love Me. The 25-year-old was in the middle of belting out her hit "Stone Cold" when her voice cracked as she tried to hit a high note. "F**k," she said. "I don't know what to do." She continued singing and later told the host, Elvis Duran, "That's what we call not lip-syncing."

At the very least, you have to respect her for keeping it real. Lovato went on to Twitter after the party to thank her fans for holding her down, writing, "Even when I lose my voice on stage my fans know how to keep me from being down . . . thank you my Lovatics I love you." Watch the video above to see the admirable way she handled the awkward moment!

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