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Dua Lipa "Swan Song" Video on Alita Battle Angel Soundtrack

Dua Lipa Shows Off Her Martial Arts Skills in the Apocalyptic Music Video For "Swan Song"

Warning: Dua Lipa is ready to kick all the ass. The British singer just dropped the music video for "Swan Song," an upbeat jam that's just waiting to be added to your workout playlists, where she shows off some martial arts moves alongside the animated character from Robert Rodriguez's upcoming action flick, Alita: Battle Angel. The film stars Rosa Salazar as the title cyborg, who is raised to be a compassionate young woman by her adoptive father (Christoph Waltz). When deadly forces descend on her home, Iron City, Alita has to rise to defend everyone, themes of which are echoed in Dua Lipa's apocalyptic video. Watch it above before the film hits theaters on Feb. 14!

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