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"Evolution of Girl Groups" Citizen Queen Song Medley

This FANTASTIC Girl Group Medley Takes You Through 60 Years of Perfect Pop Music

We've heard our fair share of medleys in our day. Nearly everything's been attempted at one time or another, from Superfruit's well-known Beyoncé mashup to that Disney love song medley that captured our hearts. But every once in a while, someone comes along with a fresh melange of gorgeous song stew that really gets us all heated up. Case in point: this "Evolution of Girl Groups" medley by Citizen Queen.

The incredible six-minute video takes us through more than six decades of iconic songs we know all the words to. The Supremes! Danity Kane! Little Mix! Destiny's Child! The list goes on and on. With flawless choreography and incredible vocals — kudos to the bass and beatboxing . . . not an easy job to pull off! — we're ready to have this on repeat until we know every twist, turn, and booty pop.

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