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The Finest Hours Trailer

Chris Pine's Boston Accent Is the Star of The Finest Hours' Trailer

Imagine The Perfect Storm, if Chris Pine were in it instead of George Clooney. Save for some plot details, that's essentially what you're about to see in The Finest Hours' trailer. Disney's upcoming action movie is based on the true story of one of the most dangerous rescues in the history of the Coast Guard. Casey Affleck plays the first assistant engineer of a gigantic oil tanker that is ripped apart in the wake of a massive storm, while Pine stars as the Coast Guard captain tasked with going out into impossibly rough waters to save the crew. Stand by for insane wave footage. The movie, costarring Eric Bana, Ben Foster, and Holliday Grainger as Pine's love interest, will be out on Jan. 29, 2016.

Here's the first trailer:

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