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Friends Reunion Fake Movie Trailer

This Friends Reunion Trailer Might Not Be Real, but It Is in Our Hearts

At this point, a Friends reboot is never going to happen. In the decade since the seminal show ended, most of the cast members have spoken against the idea of a scripted reunion series or movie. Even so, dedicated Friends fans haven't stopped asking for it. In case it's any consolation, one viral YouTube video imagines what a Friends reunion movie might look like, and it's almost too much to handle.

Smasher — a movie, TV, and gaming trailer channel — stitched together a fake trailer using clips from the cast's post-Friends projects, like Cougar Town and Episodes. Though the trailer is a little rough around the edges at times, it's also not entirely unbelievable. Monica and Chandler are divorcing, Phoebe is now a doctor, and Joey is still single but winning a Golden Globe! OK — so maybe it is a little implausible, but just go with it.

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