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Funny Stranger Things Season 3 Memes and Tweets

34 Memes About Stranger Things Season 3 That Are Funny AND Traumatizing

Funny Stranger Things Season 3 Memes and Tweets
Image Source: Netflix

There are a lot of funny moments in Stranger Things season three โ€” Dustin and Suzie singing that duet, the way Eleven dumps Mike, etc. โ€” but they're overpowered by just how heartbreaking the story ends up being by the eighth episode. Some characters die in tragic fashion! (Well, maybe they do.) A certain someone's powers disappear! The Byers clan moves away from Hawkins! And don't even get us started on that letter (*sniffles*). All of this is to say that we feel your pain. Fortunately so do our fellow Stranger Things fans, who have been cranking out memes left and right to process all of these emotions. Check out the best of the best ahead.

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