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Game of Thrones Season 6 Clips

Poor Arya Gets Her Butt Kicked in a New Game of Thrones Clip

In case you've been living in a cave with Daenerys's dragons for the past several months — just kidding, you're not Tyrion! — you know Game of Thrones is returning on April 24. We've gotten several trailers for season six, and now HBO has released a few clips of the upcoming episodes. Daenerys goes all the way back to where she starts on the show, Sansa and Theon are on the run, Cersei is heartbroken over the loss of her daughter, and in the latest one, Arya learns to fight (sort of). Take a look, and get ready for a crazy-dark season!

Arya's Training

"Daenerys Enters Vaes Dothrak" — Episode 3

"Sansa and Theon" — Episode 1

"Cersei and Jamie" — Episode 1

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