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Gary Clark Jr. "Pearl Cadillac" SNL Performance Video

Let's Not Just Brush Over Gary Clark Jr.'s Incredible SNL Performance, Because WOW

If you're unfamiliar with Gary Clark Jr., allow us to introduce you to the blues/rock/soul singer and musician. On Feb. 16, the 35-year-old virtuoso graced the Saturday Night Live stage with a performance of his new single "Pearl Cadillac." Clad in a suit and flat-brim hat, Clark showed off his passionate vocals and amazing guitar skills. And as soon as he went into a six-string solo, he channeled an emotional Prince and Jimi Hendrix-esque flair. The riffs mixed with his melodies make you feel Clark's energy with every sound, and the result is a strong recital that's masterfully unembellished and gritty. Watch his soulful set in the clip above!

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