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Gemini Man Movie Trailer

Will Smith Battles Against Himself — Literally — in the Action-Packed Trailer For Gemini Man

If Jordan Peele's Us had been an action-packed sci-fi flick rather than a gruesome, mind-bending horror film, then perhaps it would've looked a little closer to the trailer for Ang Lee's Gemini Man.

The film stars Will Smith as Henry, a highly trained expert-level hitman who's getting up there in age. Despite all his skills, nothing seems to matter when it comes to facing off against his latest opponent, who seems to know all his moves before he makes them. How? Because he is him (albeit a clone of his much younger self, thanks to a scientist played by Clive Owen).

In addition to heavy hitters like Smith and Owen, the film stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Benedict Wong, and Douglas Hodge. Watch the latest trailer for Gemini Man above before it hits theaters on Oct. 11.

Trailer 1:

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