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The Great Wall Trailer

The Great Wall Is the Historical Horror Movie With Matt Damon That We've All Been Waiting For

The first trailer for The Great Wall is here, and I have so many questions. Matt Damon is starring as a skilled warrior fighting with the Chinese army in this scary thriller that poses the question: why was the Great Wall really built? Spoiler alert: It was to keep out monsters. MONSTERS, you guys. This is a movie in which lily-white Matt Damon plays a warrior in China (bizarre accent included) fighting against crazy monsters. Please witness this very professional screenshot I took of the monster:

The movie is directed by Zhang Yimou (House of Flying Daggers), so it definitely has potential, but also what is going on? Is this Cloverfield set in the Ming Dynasty? It's set to come out Feb. 17; I will 100 percent be there.

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