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Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Questions

13 Burning Questions We Have Ahead of Grey's Anatomy's 13th Season

Time is ticking down to the 13th season of Grey's Anatomy (literally, we're hours away), and we've got a lot to mull over until then. As you might recall, last season's finale didn't have any major deaths, but there were plenty of emotional twists and turns. As such, we've got a few questions we'd like to have answered when the next chapter arrives.

  1. So, like, will Jackson and April get back together? They seem so happy, and they have a healthy baby girl together! It's meant to be. It's meant to be!
  2. Are Meredith and Riggs going to keep gettin' down or what? I mean, they were getting pretty hot and heavy at the end of the season. How could they stop now?
  3. And what about Riggs and Hunt? Are they cool now? Things between them seem oddly settled . . . at least for the moment, right?
  4. DeLuca, are you OK?! Please tell me that beautiful face hasn't been irreparably mangled. We need as much eye candy on this show as we can get.
  5. Will Alex ever have to deal with those anger management issues? He just straight-up beat the sh*t out of another doctor.
  6. Is Stephanie going to be OK? We're worried. Get that girl some comfort food and wine, stat.
  7. How many times would Cristina Yang have rolled her eyes by now? Running theory: a lot.
  8. Jo basically has to tell Alex about her secret past now . . . right? How else is she going to explain this whole situation? How can she convince DeLuca to keep her secret?
  9. If Owen wants kids really bad, does that mean Amelia's going to get pregnant? The interesting thing is, Caterina Scorsone is pregnant in real life, but given April's traumatic loss of her son on Private Practice, it seems like it might just not be in the cards right now. That said, kids would be Amelia and Hunt's next big step.
  10. And Callie's just . . . gone forever? Is that right? Cool. Listen, we love Callie so much. It would've been nice if her exit weren't so sad and abrupt. But hey, Grey's, you do you.
  11. How long will it be before Maggie finds out about Mer and Riggs? We give it, like, one episode.
  12. How long will it be before Maggie and Mer hate each other? We give it like, one episode and a half.
  13. Does Warren get to sleep in his own bed again? He saved the day! But, well, is that enough to make up for all the other sh*t he pulled in season 12? We'll have to wait and see.
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