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In the Heart of the Sea Trailer

In the Heart of the Sea Trailer: Chris Hemsworth Battles a Demon Whale

Are you ready to feel completely intimidated by a mammoth-sized whale? The full trailer for Ron Howard's upcoming film, In the Heart of the Sea, is here, and it's nothing short of terrifying. Chris Hemsworth took a quick break from The Avengers to star as a sailor whose ship is overtaken by a "demon" of a whale. It's actually the true story of the Essex, a whaling ship that was attacked by the sperm whale that inspired Moby Dick in 1820. This movie looks intense, and I can only imagine how insane this is going to be up on the big screen come Dec. 11.

Here's the UK trailer:

Take a look at the ominous teaser, as well:

Image Source: Warner Bros.
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