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Hole in the Ground Horror Movie Trailer

Watch the Trailer For Hole in the Ground, the Horror Flick That Freaked Out Sundance

In just the last few years, Sundance has quickly become the place where horror sensations are made. In 2017, Get Out premiered at the festival, going on to win an Academy Award (a rarity for horror films)! The following year didn't disappoint either, giving us what is far and away 2018's most disturbing offering, Hereditary. This year, the buzz is all about Hole in the Ground; it's an Irish horror film about a mother and son who move to a small wooded town. When her son disappears into the forest, in the middle of the night, she's not so sure it's her child who comes back. Even the trailer is enough to give you shivers. Check it out and maybe stock up on a nightlight or two, because Hole in the Ground will be barreling into theaters on March 1.

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