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How Did Tyrion Know Where to Find Jaime and Cersei?

Game of Thrones: We're Still Emotional About Tyrion's Devastating Discovery in the Red Keep


Warning: spoilers for the final episode of Game of Thrones ahead!

With King's Landing in shambles after Daenerys's shocking and violent sacking of the city, the final episode of Game of Thrones opens with Tyrion Lannister and others picking through the wreckage to survey what's left. As Tyrion approaches the crumbled building, though, he almost seems like a man on a mission — and in a way, he is. It soon becomes clear that he's looking through the destroyed city to see if his siblings survived, and he soon discovers what we already knew.

Tyrion finds Jaime's gold hand poking out of the rubble in the Red Keep, and, sobbing, he slowly removes the wreckage until both Jaime and Cersei's bodies are fully visible. In the previous episode, Tyrion set Jaime free from where he was being kept prisoner and bid him a tearful farewell after urging him to get out of the city while he still can. Tyrion also knows that Cersei would have been in the Red Keep when the city was razed, so it makes sense that he would be sifting through to see if he could find her. It's likely, though, that until this point, he might have believed that Jaime at least made it out alive.

It's one of the quietest moments in the episode, but it's all the more devastating for that. Tyrion is now the last living Lannister, and his efforts to at least save the brother who tried to always look out for him were all for nothing. In some ways, it's sheer luck that he was even able to recover their bodies. After all, even though he could have made an educated guess as to where Cersei might have been during her final moments, there is an awful lot of ground to cover, and Dany's forces don't seem especially interested in cleaning up the city. Fortunately — but tragically — Tyrion is able to find his siblings to confirm their fates and say a final goodbye.

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