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How Relatable Is Seinfeld? | Quiz

How Much of Your Life Is Actually Like Seinfeld?

Part of the reason Seinfeld became such a wildly popular show was because it showed "real people" in more-or-less normal situations. Pretty much everyone and their mother have had a Seinfeld moment in their lives — or they like to think that they have. In honor of the 25th anniversary of the groundbreaking show's premiere, we are putting you to the test: is your life really Seinfeld-worthy? Check off all the situations that you identify with to see how your own life stacks up against Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer.

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Image Source: NBC
  1. Your friends are big on the "pop-in."
  2. You have a lifelong enemy.
  3. You think being an architect is the coolest job.
  4. You've waited in a long line for a cup of soup.
  5. You've considered hiring an intern to help out around the house.
  6. You've made out with someone during an inappropriate movie.
  7. You don't trust "fat-free" frozen yogurt.
  8. You have no less than 10 boxes of cereal in your kitchen.
  9. You think double-dipping should be a punishable crime.
  10. You think regifters should be publicly shamed.
  11. You suspect store mirrors of lying to you.
  12. You may have a billionaire alter ego.
  13. You've attended at least one wedding for revenge.
  14. You hate The English Patient.
  15. You've used the phrase "You can stuff your sorries in a sack."
  16. You would rob an elderly woman for good bread.
  17. You've spent days trying to come up with a good comeback.
  18. You think a "sleeping desk" would be a great invention.
  19. You know all the best public bathrooms in your city.
  20. You can't eat a sandwich without Dijon mustard.
  21. You're not yourself without a good shower.
  22. You know that it shrinks.
  23. You go through a new significant other every week.
  24. You wouldn't do anything if you saw someone getting mugged.
  25. You know how to keep a secret in "the vault" . . .
  26. But that vault opens once you're drunk.
  27. You've spent half of a day looking for your car in a parking garage.
  28. You've tried — and failed — to invent a nickname for yourself.
  29. You are constantly complaining about other companies stealing your ideas.
  30. You've tried to sneak a latte into the movies.
  31. You don't think dermatologists are real doctors.
  32. You've accidentally dated someone who looked exactly like your best friend.
  33. You've changed the tags on your clothes to a smaller size.
  34. You get upset if your waiter doesn't see you giving them a tip.
  35. You've gone decades without returning a library book.
  36. You've taken up smoking to get someone to break up with you.
  37. You find Pez dispensers hilarious.
  38. You are not-so-secretly ashamed of your dancing.
  39. You hate exclamation points.
  40. Your family members invent holidays.
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