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How Scream Queens and American Horror Story Are Different

Can You Watch Scream Queens If You Can't Watch American Horror Story? Read This

New Fall series Scream Queens is the latest brainchild from Ryan Murphy, who also created what feels like its more mature aunt, American Horror Story. The two horror shows have their differences; namely, different casts and different networks (AHS is on FX, where, of course, its cable status gives it more licenses). But the similarities seem stronger, so when Murphy and the Scream Queens cast came to Summer TCA, Murphy addressed how exactly they are different.

Image Source: Fox

"They are very tonally different," Murphy asserted, specifically talking about the violence and gore. "Scream Queens has a much more satirical, cartoonish quality to the attacks than American Horror Story does, which is much more sexualized and darker at times."

Image Source: FX

Interestingly, Murphy said that it's not the violence that has concerned the network censors, but they care "shockingly, more about the language and the girls having an empowering attitude about their own sexuality."


So maybe if American Horror Story grosses/creeps/weirds you out, Scream Queens will be your jam. Unless you, too, are offended by women having a healthy attitude about sex.

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