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The Intern Trailer

Anne Hathaway Having Robert De Niro as an Intern Is Way Cuter Than You'd Expect

The trailer for The Intern almost feels like a bizarro The Devil Wears Prada at first — this time, Anne Hathaway comes clacking in as the high-powered CEO of a fashion website, with Robert De Niro playing her new employee (the titular intern) — but Hathaway is no Miranda Priestly. And of course, De Niro is in his 70s, so this movie already has a very different comedic premise built in, but it's not just a bunch of funny old-guy jokes (though there are those). No, leave it to Nancy Meyers to give us a workplace comedy that feels fresh and modern but is also very sweet. Not only is De Niro an interesting foil to Hathaway's character, Jules, but he also starts to become her friend. It's all pretty cute, and even better is the supporting cast, which includes two Workaholics, Andrew Rannells, and Nat Wolff. The Intern comes out Sept. 25.

Here's the original trailer:

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