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James Corden's Writer Binged Game of Thrones in One Sitting and Survived to Tell the Tale

Even if you've been living under Casterly Rock for the last eight years, you've probably heard the hype surrounding Game of Thrones' final season premiere on April 14. Yet, there are a still a few stragglers who haven't jumped onto the HBO series' bandwagon. The Late Late Show with James Corden writer Lawrence Dai used to be one of those remaining few, until Corden forced him to watch the whole show in one sitting. That's right: seven seasons in one weekend. Diehard bingers, you can get it done.

GoT has, at most, 10 episodes per season, but that doesn't stop the show from getting pretty damn exhausting. Between all the tragic deaths, extensive fight scenes, and psychological manipulation, is it any wonder that Dai got worn out? "I think it's a good show, I just don't know if this is the way it's meant to be watched," he said. Nevertheless, he carried on, with the help of a coworker, a pizza delivery man, a janitor, a trained medical professional (?), and his mom.

Watch the full video above to get a glimpse of Dai's true dedication. Plus, it's a LOL-worthy refresher on what's been happening since GoT day one. "I'm still processing what happened to Ned Stark," Dai told his video diary. "I mean, do I want to commit to a show that's gonna do its main characters like that?" Probably not, but he's bound to get sucked in anyway.

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