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Jimmy Fallon and Rashida Jones Holiday Medley 2015

Jimmy Fallon and Rashida Jones's 2015 Holiday Pop Medley Was Bigger Than Ever This Year

It's here! The annual medley we've come to love: Jimmy Fallon and Rashida Jones's holiday-themed mix of pop songs they turn into jams about Thanksgiving and other holidays. They've done this for the past few years, adapting several current songs, and this year's sampling includes "Butterball Hotline Bling" and "North Pole" — a parody of "Downtown" that features the actual singer from the song, Eric Nally. Also, Queen Latifah joins in! It's fun and silly and will put a huge smile on your face, and we've even icluded the lyrics below.


'Cuz now the turkey is all done

The pumpkin pie was awesome

Now it's time to take naps, 'cuz

Everybody is mad stuffed


B*tch better have my stuffing

Tell you when I've had enough

B*tch better have my stuffing

Put it up that turkey's butt

Stove Top Top Top!


Now watch me whip

Those mashed potatoes

Now watch me whip, whip

Those mashed potatoes

Eat the turkey leg (turk)

Eat the turkey leg (turk, turk)

Eat the turkey leg (turk)

Eat the turkey leg (turk, turk)


You used to break apart the wishbone

Late night when the turkey's done

Break apart the wishbone

Snappin' turkey bones is fun

Butterball Hotline bling,

Teach me how to cook this thing

Butterball Hotline bling,

Teach me how to cook this thing


Food's hot (hot damn)

Got a microwave and a frying pan

Hit the spot (hot damn)

Crackin' open that Tupperware

Gonna make a turkey sandwich (whoo)

Gonna make a turkey sandwich (whoo)

Gonna make a turkey sandwich (whoo)

(There's) Leftovers in the 'frigerator

(There's) Leftovers in the 'frigerator

(There's) Leftovers in the 'frigerator

Saturday night and I'm really starved

The Grinch is on, so let's watch!


I got deals, on Black Friday

So I'm gon' trample you, get out the way

They got sales on DVDs

And flat-screen HDTVs


Ooh I think that I'll decorate my lawn this year

With a bunch of inflatable reindeer


I can't celebrate 'cuz I'm a Jew

I got candles and menorahs

We've got Hanukkah, I guess that's cool

If you like latkes and you like dreidels


I went to the toy store, said, "Screw it."

Salesman's like "What's up, whatcha doin?"

And I'm like "Honestly, I wanna know where these toys come from."

She said "I know the place for you, follow me."

North Pole (air is gettin' chilly)

Reindeer (got the whole crew wit me)

Fireplace (slidin' down yo chimney)

Sleigh bells (you can hear them ringin')

North Pole!

North Pole!

North Pole!

Noooooooorth Pole!

He puts his toys onto his sleigh

He comes around on Christmas Day

Santa Claus is on his way

As he flies across the USA!

Ho ho ho-ho, ho ho ho-ho

Ho ho ho-ho, ho ho ho-ho

North Pole!

Sees you when you sleep, boy,

Comes on Christmas Eve, boy

Gifts under the tree, toys

North Pole!

Flying on his sled, girl

Dressed in white and red, girl

Get yourself to bed, girl

North Pole!

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