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Jimmy Fallon Sings The Story of Tonight With Hamilton Cast

Jimmy Fallon and Lin-Manuel Miranda Blew Us All Away With Their Hamilton Performance

Raise a glass to Lin-Manuel Miranda and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon! On Jan. 15, the late-night host released videos from his visit to Puerto Rico, which included a full-costume performance with Miranda and the Hamilton cast. In a clever twist, Fallon sang "The Story of Tonight" with updated lyrics, giving a nod to his own show.

"There are friends who say 'good luck,' and there are friends who say, 'Hold on, I'm coming with you,'" Miranda tweeted, in regard to Fallon's support.

While it's been over three years since Hamilton premiered on Broadway in 2015, the fandom still goes strong. Former President Barack Obama's cover of "One Last Time" even made the Billboard charts earlier this month. Miranda brought the production to Puerto Rico in an effort to raise money for artists impacted by the devastation of Hurricane Maria in 2017. Watch the full video above to get a glimpse of the fun these two had together, and relive one of our favorite Hamilton songs.

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