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Jimmy Kimmel's Lie Witness News: Oscars Edition

Jimmy Kimmel Topped Himself With This Lie Witness News: Oscars Edition

You may fancy yourself an award season pro, but what did you think of Julianne Moore's 90 minutes of sobbing in Cryface? Did you notice that Ethan Hawke throws the boy from Boyhood into an active volcano? Did you catch Angelina Jolie adding some sex appeal to Rosa Parks in Selma? The people on Jimmy Kimmel's Oscars edition of Lie Witness News saw — and LOVED — all of it. That's right: not only did Kimmel have his annual award season skit, but he also had a very special edition of his hilarious recurring segment that catches people lying about big events. You seriously don't have to know much about award season to laugh at this, because it's straight-up ridiculous. Watch below!

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