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Jimmy Kimmel's Taken 4 Parody Trailer

Jimmy Kimmel Recruited Liam Neeson For a Spot-On Taken Parody Trailer

Taken 3 was released over the weekend and promptly hit the top of the box office with a $39 million weekend. Naturally, Jimmy Kimmel started the ball rolling on Taken 4 and has since produced a parody trailer. Liam Neeson reprises his role, only this time, he's on the hunt for Guillermo's (Kimmel's sidekick) dog, Paco. The funniest part is that Kimmel plays the villain, a hardened criminal with an accent and a ridiculous wig. It's nice to know that Neeson doesn't take himself too seriously to show up in a parody of his biggest hit. Check out the trailer below, and tune in to more viral videos.

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