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John Stamos Comment on Lifetime Movie About Full House

John Stamos Admits That Clip From Lifetime's Full House Movie Is True

Twitter-lover John Stamos was memorably sassy about the news that Lifetime was making a Full House movie, but there's a reason he didn't make a stink when that infamous first clip debuted: because it's true. He's portrayed as being frustrated with the Olsen twins, and while promoting his new show Grandfathered at the Summer TCA, Stamos confirmed that that scene "is actually 100-percent accurate." He added, "The Olsen twins cried a lot," so producers "brought in a couple of redheaded twins, and that didn't work, so we said, 'get the Olsen twins [back].' That's the story."

Oh, and Stamos's opinion of the actor who's playing him in the made-for-TV movie? He doesn't know his name (it's Justin Gaston, for the record), referring to him as "some guy," but he had a high opinion of him: "he's a good-looking guy."

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