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Laura Marano "Lie to Me" Music Video

Exclusive: Get a Sneak Peek at Laura Marano's Dance-Filled Music Video For "Lie to Me"

While Netflix's The Perfect Date starring Laura Marano and Noah Centineo doesn't have your typical love story, it does have perfect timing. At least it does for Marano, who got the role of the wise-cracking Celia Lieberman right after she wrote her latest single, "Lie to Me," which happens to connect with the film's theme pretty damn well.

"I didn't write [the song] originally for The Perfect Date, but it ended up working perfectly for it," Marano told POPSUGAR over the phone. "I wrote it during some writing sessions in Sweden, and it was basically about a relationship that I wanted so badly to be something real and beautiful — and it felt real and beautiful — but I had a bit of a wall up, so I wasn't sure if it was completely genuine from the other person. At one point I was just like, 'I don't care, I'm having so much fun in the moment that they could lie to me and I'd be happy.'"

Considering that The Perfect Date follows Centineo's Brooks Rattigan as he tries to raise funds for college by creating a dating app where he'll "stand in" for nonexistent boyfriends, the song seems appropriately fitting. Though Marano admits that she generally gets shy about sharing music that feels so personal to her, it was her mother who convinced her to show "Lie to Me" to the film's producers after they reached out to her about writing a song for the movie. Obviously, they knew a good thing when they heard it, and along with the track "A Little Closer," Marano can claim two songs on The Perfect Date's soundtrack.

In our exclusive preview of the accompanying music video for "Lie to Me," Marano and two friends (who are both awesome dancers, she assured me) dance around a bedroom for what looks like a festive girls' night in. Clips of the singer dancing by herself are woven throughout the trio's good time — as well as a few scenes from The Perfect Date — and the whole clip gives a very fun, party vibe that's pretty different from her last single.

"It's a fun combo of all my different personalities," Marano explained. Directed by Cole Walliser, who has worked with artists like Katy Perry and Pink, the song and video are a bit more uptempo than what the artist has released before, but that's what Marano was going for! "It's one of my favorite songs that I ended up writing in the session," she revealed.

The full video for "Lie to Me" will be available by next week, but make sure to look out for Marano in the upcoming crime drama film Saving Zoë, which also stars her older sister, Vanessa Marano.

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