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Life Lessons From Eddie the Eagle

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Looking for a little motivation? We partnered with Eddie the Eagle to highlight relatable takeaways from the film.

It's not every day that there are meaningful takeaways from the big screen, but in the upcoming film Eddie the Eagle, we found the opposite to be true. This heroic story has many layers, all surrounding one hopeful man's dream of participating in the Olympics. So whether you are an aspiring Olympian or you're just looking for some direction to ground you, we found five life lessons from the film that can apply to just about anyone.

It's Never Too Late to Try

In the film, Eddie begins his athletic career as a downhill skier, but it was because he switched to ski jump that he was given an opportunity to go after his dreams. If there's something you've been meaning to achieve, be it completing a 5K or even changing careers, it's never too late to give it a shot. Plenty of people, from authors to actors and even athletes, got their start late in life.

Have a Can-Do Attitude

In the film we see Eddie at the top of a towering ski jump, giving it everything he has. There's a lot to take away from the way he approaches his sport. Sure, there may be many things standing in your way that are scary, but that doesn't mean they should be avoided. Try them, and remain positive throughout the experience. Even if you fail (and fall!), it's great to look at your efforts as a win. Being negative serves no purpose and it will only hold you back.

Winning Isn't Everything

Whether you're looking to achieve an athletic milestone or want to climb the corporate ladder, it's important to have perspective. Your journey will offer a lot of opportunity to learn and grow, and that's usually just as meaningful as the endgame. So don't just focus on the big win; keep your head up the entire way.

Have a Good Support System

Practice is important, but having a strong support system is even more important. Knowing you have people to lean on, to encourage you, and to weather through the tough times by your side is imperative for maintaining a positive mindset and winning attitude. Eddie's mom plays a pivotal role in his quest to make it to the Olympics, and she never fails to let him know that she's always rooting for him.

Know When to Ask For Help

On that note, know that you can lean on others. Eddie realizes early on that he can't do it by himself and that it would be a mistake to not ask for help from others. Whether it's his mom or his coach, learning to speak up is the key to success.

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