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Life Trailer With Robert Pattinson

Life Trailer: Robert Pattinson Sees Something Special in Dane DeHaan's James Dean

Ever since I saw the first clip of Life, I've been overwhelmingly curious about the film. Photojournalist Dennis Stock (Robert Pattinson) wants to capture a young, unknown James Dean (Dane DeHaan) on camera for Life magazine, but no one believes that this guy will be a star one day. Of course, we know how the story ends, but the fun is in getting there. The retro vibe reminds me of another DeHaan film, Kill Your Darlings, but, of course, with less murder and no Daniel Radcliffe in sight. As the trailer goes on, James helps Dennis realize that the story he's making really isn't about James; it's about Dennis. (Ah, full circle!) The movie will be released in theaters and on iTunes on Dec. 4.

Here's the original trailer:

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