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Luke Bryan Gives American Idol Contestant His Shoes 2019

After Seeing Holes in This Idol Contestant's Shoes, Luke Bryan Gave Him His Cowboy Boots

Luke Bryan was feeling extremely generous on a recent episode of American Idol — so much so, the "Play It Again" singer ended up giving 19-year-old Colby Swift the shoes off his feet after noticing the condition his own boots were in.

After the Midfield, Texas native delivered a jaw-dropping performance of "Before the Next Teardrop Falls" by Freddy Fender on Sunday night's episode, Bryan pointed out to the other judges that both of Swift's shoes had large holes at the bottom. "Well, we can get him a pair of new ones," Lionel Richie suggested.

But Bryan decided to go the extra mile and act immediately. During the next round of eliminations, the judge asked Swift his shoe size and made him turn to the camera to show the viewers at home his boots. After hearing that Swift tends to wear "whatever fits," Bryan took off his own cowboy boots and handed them over to him. He followed the tender moment by revealing that Swift had made it to the next round, saying, "Colby, those boots are made for walking to the next round."

Watch the sweet moment in the video above and try not to get emotional.

Image Source: ABC
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