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Marc Summers Wants to Bring Back Double Dare

Former Host Marc Summers Wants to Revive Double Dare

Source: Getty / Dimitrios Kambouris

Oh, heck yes. Remember Double Dare, the Gak-filled family game show that was a staple of Nickelodeon's programming in the '90s? Host Marc Summers wants to bring it back, and he's totally on board. Summers has been busy hosting Unwrapped on the Food Network since 2001, but he's ready to return to his neon-colored roots. In an interview with The Huffington Post, Summers commented on why a Double Dare reboot hasn't exactly gotten off the ground:

"Here's the deal. I would love to do some form or fashion of it. Let's just say that right now . . . the people who run the Nickelodeon network and I don't necessarily see eye to eye. I've been trying to make nice to those people, but they refuse to talk to me . . . I think they think I'm way too old to do it. I still have the energy and I think I could. So I'm putting a call out to the folks at Nick: return the phone calls, have a discussion."

Source: Nickelodeon

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