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Mark Ruffalo Lie Detector Test on The Tonight Show Video

Jimmy Fallon Really Tried to Get Avengers Secrets From Mark Ruffalo With a Lie Detector Test

Poor Mark Ruffalo! He spills a few tiny (read: major) Avengers secrets, and all of a sudden he's the spoiler king. With the release of Captain Marvel and the anticipation building around Avengers: Endgame, Ruffalo has to be extra careful what he says — so naturally, late-night host Jimmy Fallon hooked him up to a lie detector.

The last time Ruffalo visited The Tonight Show, he accidentally "spoiled" the title for the upcoming Marvel installment. This time around, Fallon decided to extract some information during their March 13 interview. Fallon wired Ruffalo up for a lie detector test, where he sat through a number of Avengers-themed questions. "I don't want to get fired again," Ruffalo told Fallon. Don't worry, it appears everything had Marvel's sign of approval, even his dramatic exit. Watch the full video above to see the hilarity ensue.

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