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Mindy and Danny Kiss on The Mindy Project

Do You Want Mindy and Danny to Be Together?

This week marks the Winter finale of The Mindy Project, and the sitcom said goodbye for now with a kiss — literally. Just after he helps her write a sweet apology letter to her recent ex, Cliff, Danny grabs Mindy for their first makeout. Clearly Danny is rattled by a little turbulence on the airplane they're on, but that little shake just makes Danny do something it seems like he's wanted to do for a while.

I have mixed feelings about Mindy and Danny — I love their chemistry, but I'm not sure I'm ready to see them together (two words for you: New Girl). Plus, I still really like Cliff and Mindy's constant parade of entertaining love interests. I want to hear from you: do you want Mindy and Danny together or not?

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curvygirlonabudget curvygirlonabudget 3 years
I love them together, some may think it's too soon. But it's actually not, in "the Mindy project" world Mindy and Danny known each other before working together. So they have history, these past two years they really got to know each other. So i feel like it's about dang time! I don't get why everyone is comparing New girl (Nick/Jess) to The Mindy project (Danny/Mindy) those are two different shows with very different story lines, and writers. Just because a show decides to have the main characters get together doesn't mean anything. The Problem with New girl is that the whole show is becoming Nick/Jess only, Whereas with the Mindy project they have a supporting cast who have there own story lines and adventures. I am so excited to see where this whole Danny/Mindy love fest will take us, and how they will incorporate in the show. Wow this turned into a speech! lol
Laura15301185 Laura15301185 3 years
I was in shock with that kiss but it was everything I ever wanted it to be and more. I'm ready for them as a couple so bring it on!
Pronounced15301179 Pronounced15301179 3 years
Maybe a "SPOILER ALERT" might have been in order. Thanks for ruining everything!
gymrat87 gymrat87 3 years
I want them together but I expect a few speed bumps along the way!
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