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Netflix's Amy Schumer Growing Comedy Special Trailer

Amy Schumer Keeps It Real on Marriage and Pregnancy in Her New Netflix Special, Growing

Amy Schumer is heading back to Netflix for a new special, and this time she's bringing along a guest — her unborn child. The comedian, who has been brutally honest about her pregnancy since the announcement back in October 2018, is opening up about her crazy year through her signature no-holds-barred commentary.

Titled Amy Schumer Growing, the special takes on everything from marriage to childbirth (that Mother's Day sketch on SNL is about to get super real for Schumer), to personal growth. Of course, the comedian swears that her pregnancy hasn't changed her one bit. "Here's the thing, you're pregnant but like, you don't change who you are. I hate women who start to act like really precious," she jokes in the trailer. "You don't stop being you, you know? You don't stop working . . . or drinking." Good old Amy.

Watch the video above and check out Growing when it hits Netflix on Tuesday, March 19.

Image Source: Netflix
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