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Netflix Malevolent Horror Movie Trailer

Netflix's Gory New Horror Movie Is About an Orphanage, and It Looks Scary as Hell

Netflix knows how to do the Halloween season right. That much is abundantly clear based on another new horror offering called Malevolent. The film drops on Oct. 5, but we're lucky enough to catch this chilling preview just ahead of the launch. The story follows a group of friends who have a fake paranormal investigative business. Unfortunately for them, their next case — it's at a former orphanage that was once plagued by a string of murders — has some very real ghosts that may have them out of their league. Based on the chilling visuals and blunt violence of the trailer alone, this one's going to be pretty intense.

Netflix's original horror movie offerings, of course, are just the tip of the iceberg. In addition to chillers like the horrifying Gerald's Game and The Ritual's f*cked-up terror, the streaming platform continues to delight with a staggering selection of horror films of original programming designed to spook and unsettle. Looks like we'll have to add Malevolent to the top of our list.

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