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The Originals Recap For "The Casket Girls"

How the Vampire Diaries Gang Would React to The Originals Episode 10

After a too-long hiatus, The Originals returned this week to open caskets, er, arms. Davina is on the lamb after decompelling Cami, and the newly bonded Klaus and Marcel are none too happy to find their little witch gone. Apart from a crazy bloodbath at the beginning of the episode, Rebekah plays it cool this week, though she is scheming. Trouble is also arising as the witches of New Orleans realize Davina is out and about. Let's see what the gang from The Vampire Diaries has to say about their pals this week.

When Rebekah Saves the Casket Girls

The episode, "The Casket Girls," takes its name from the girls who traveled from Europe to marry men in New Orleans back in the 18th century. We meet a carriage-full of them, and just when it looks like they're about to get brutally attacked, Rebekah slays all their drunken, savage assailants. Girls have to stick together, right? Nice work, Rebekah.

When Elijah and Hayley Don't Make Out

I mean, it's going to happen sooner or later, or I quit. Their sexual tension is so thick, it's insane. That zipper scene? Come on. I don't even understand why they like each other! Is it a mutual anger toward Klaus?

When Cami Finds Out Klaus Lied to Her

Oh, that Klaus — what a card! Seriously, though, that guy can and will lie his way out of a paper bag, and I don't know why Cami would think she gets special privileges. Because they looked at each other meaningfully one night at a bar? Please.

When Josh Says "Whaddup" to Klaus

Honestly, I'm starting to like this guy. He needs to get away from Davina, though; her vibe is totally dragging him down. He could be a mildly successful vampire stand-up comic somewhere.

When the Witches Confront Davina in the Church

I know this scene is supposed to be serious and spooky, but it's actually really schlocky and hilarious. The witches, in hot pursuit of Davina, burst into the church clad in black (is that even necessary?), chanting, and floating. Davina promptly gets cranky and snaps their necks, and they fall to the floor like dirty laundry. Sorry, she's not sorry.

When Davina Turns Klaus Into a Beast

I understand that she's upset, but calm down, woman! Don't ruin Klaus's perfect face!

When Davina Makes Elijah Choke on His Own Blood

Get away from him, you monster!

When Rebekah Daggers Marcel

I'm actually sad about this. I like Rebekah and Marcel together! Can't they just get along? Why does everyone have to be stabbing each other all the time? How about they just talk out their issues over a nice, warm blood bag?

When Tim Dies

Davina sure seems to like him, but I have no emotional attachment to this character whatsoever. RIP, Tim.

When Cami Threatens Klaus

Is Cami insane? Her only threat is that she'll "expose" Klaus to the world? How about Klaus will drain your whole body of blood? Don't threaten a vampire, honey.

When Rebekah Feeds Thierry With a Straw

I don't even know. Poor Rebekah is so desperate for friends that she's resorted to hanging out with Thierry down in the garden. Is she trying to strengthen him up so he can fight in her army? And what girl is she referring to? Is Katherine headed to NOLA?

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