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Pretty Little Liars Recap of "Hot For Teacher"

Pretty Little Liars: The OMG Moments From "Hot For Teacher"

Holy crap! We're barreling towards the end of the fourth season on Pretty Little Liars, and there's no sign of slowing down any time soon. While we're getting more and more insight into Ezra's dastardly deeds, an angst-ridden Aria's getting ready to take him back, and a sleep-deprived Spencer's getting ready to go for his jugular. As for the other two, Hanna's more or less keeping up with Spencer on her path to destruction, and Emily finds out that Ali still trusts her when she's recruited for a secret mission.

In a season where we're more hungry for answers than ever, we finally find out what's in the basement of Ezra's cabin, making us more sure of his involvement than ever. Then again, if Ezra's really A, who's the hooded figure we're still so often seeing? Find out about all of this week's madness below.

  • Spencer's circling the drain. Spencer's ridden the crazy train before, so she's in familiar territory with her new pill problem. Don't worry, though, she's pretty high functioning and working her Hastings magic. Spencer spends the episode tying Ezra to Ravenswood, getting ready to snoop through his apartment, and even catching on to his surveillance tactics. She may be popping pills, but she's getting things done!
  • Shana may be worth trusting, but she just made A's hit list. Yep, Shana's back this week, and she's hanging out in phone booths talking to Alison. She ends up enlisting Emily to retrieve a wad of money from Ali's old room, but A quickly swoops in and scares her off. With no one left to trust, Ali might have to make direct contact with Emily.
  • Aria's being crushed under the weight of her own lies. Honestly, I can't believe Aria still hasn't told the girls about her reconciliation with Ezra. And, given the recent developments concerning Ezra's involvement with the A team, things aren't looking too good. Also, Aria almost has a meltdown during her cabin escape with Ezra, but she eventually decides to commit to him. You're in danger, girl.
  • We find out what's in the basement. As soon as Aria leaves the cabin to pick up some chickpeas from the store, and that scraping dubstep music takes over, I'm terrified. Ezra descends into his basement, which turns out to be the new location of his cleaned-out Ravenswood lair. Even worse, we get to see him in action: opening attachments, scrolling through pictures of the girls, and probably drafting a new, catty text message. It's safe to say I spent a good minute freaking out and screaming internally.
  • We're another step closer to A's true identity. Um, remember when we admitted that Wren Kingston was one of our suspects for A? Well, it's hard not to point fingers when we see the familiar hooded "A" figure unloading a bunch of prescription pads with Wren's name written on them. Could it be?!

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