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The Railway Man Trailer

The Railway Man Trailer: Colin Firth Is Haunted by the Death Railway

Nicole Kidman helps Colin Firth battle with demons from decades past in the trailer for The Railway Man. He stars as Lomax, a former prisoner of war who was forced to work on Burma's Death Railway in 1947. Over the course of his tenure on the construction site, he incurred various forms of torture at the hands of Japanese soldiers, the mental scars for which are still healing. When he refuses to talk about it, his wife (Kidman) turns to his old comrade (Stellan Skarsgard) for clarity. The movie is also based on a true story, which makes the narrative all the more powerful.

Sounds intense, right? This trailer is downright harrowing, especially once Lomax decides to take matters into his own hands and seek out the man responsible for his torture. The Railway Man premiered at TIFF last year, and while a US release date has yet to be set, you can check out the trailer after the jump.

Image Source: Lionsgate
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