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Reactions to the Gerald's Game Hand Scene Video

Netflix Tricked Their Employees Into Watching THAT Gory Gerald's Game Scene

If you've yet to sit down and watch Gerald's Game, may I just congratulate you on living your best life? Because after sitting through Netflix's horrifying adaptation of the Stephen King novel, I might never sleep again. It's safe to say neither will Netflix's employees, since the streaming network surprised a handful of them with a screening of the movie's most infamous moment: the "hand scene," also known as the "degloving scene."

It all goes down when the horror film's heroine, Jessie (Carla Gugino) — a woman whose husband (Bruce Greenwood) unexpectedly dies after handcuffing her to the bed in an effort to spice up their marriage, leaving her trapped in their remote lake house — decides the only way out of her cuffs is through drastic, gory action. No matter what you call the scene, there's no doubt it will leave you "shaking and sweating," like the unsuspecting (and brave AF) Netflix employees above.

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