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Roseanne Cast Reuniting 20 Years Later Video

Go Inside the Exact Moment the Roseanne Cast Returned to the Iconic Set, 20 Years Later

Last year, the original cast of Roseanne reassembled, 20 years after the show ended back in 1997. ABC News was there to capture the exact moment the former costars reunited. "You look great!" Roseanne Barr told John Goodman, who played her husband, Dan Conner, in the long-running series. "Ah, baloney!" he teased. The behind-the-scenes moment is included in the upcoming 20/20 special "Roseanne Returns," which will give fans a preview of the upcoming reboot.

Spoiler alert: the set looks like an exact replica of the original! "It was just like walking into your home," Lecy Goranson, who played the original Becky Conner, says in the clip. Watch the video above and prepare to be flooded with nostalgia before the revival premieres on March 27.

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