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SNL "Etiquette Lesson" Sketch Video May 2019

Leslie Jones Playing Meghan Markle's 3rd Cousin on SNL Gave Me the Belly Laugh I Needed Today

The royal family got a special visit in Saturday Night Live's hilarious "Etiquette Lesson" skit on May 11. In the sketch, Leslie Jones portrays Meghan Markle's third cousin who shows up to England's Windsor Castle for the christening of Meghan and Prince Harry's new baby, Archie. But before she can be reunited with her "cousin," she must take a few etiquette lessons. Everything starts off rather calmly with the instructor who's teaching Jones's character British decorum. But pretty soon, it becomes clear that the tutor is, well, psycho and has no patience. And before you know it, teacups and crumpets are flying across the room.

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