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SNL's Kids' Choice Awards Skit

Nobody Was Safe From SNL's Skits This Week

Remember that one time Bow Wow awkwardly failed at kicking off the Grammys? Well, Saturday Night Live sure hasn't. In addition to taking on several stars during a super funny Celebrity Family Feud sketch, the show also spoofed Bow Wow's now-famous Grammys moment in a skit featuring Brynlee Dobbs (Ariana Grande), Reece Better (Taran Killam), and Jesse Kerk-Fatone (Vanessa Bayer). During the sketch, the trio hilariously tries to fill time while waiting for the Kids' Choice Awards to start, and in between various failed attempts, a blond Ariana even manages to hit the dab. Prepare to crack up and watch the clip above, and then see which former Bachelor contestant the show poked fun at this week.

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