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SNL Weekend Update Smokery Farms Sketch Video March 2019

Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant Try SO Hard to Get Through This SNL Sketch Without Laughing

Sometimes, the funniest moments in Saturday Night Live sketches happen when the cast members are clearly trying not to break character. That's exactly what transpired on the March 3 episode when Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant stopped by the Weekend Update segment to play the owners of a fictional meat company called Smokery Farms. They explained how their business decided to take a different approach to marketing their products since many people feel bad for eating animals. "You do not need to feel guilty with us," Aidy said. "Because going forward, Smokery Farm will only serve meat from animals that are individually stupid and bad."

Kate and Aidy were then given a plate full of raw meat as they explained why each animal deserved its fate (i.e., some of the lambs wouldn't stop body-shaming the goats). But the stench of an uncooked meat platter proved to be too much for them to handle as they slowly began to unravel on screen. Watch them attempt to use every bit of strength to keep from laughing — and possibly puking — in the clip above!

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