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Sam Shepard Movies

Where to Stream 11 of Sam Shepard's Most Memorable Movies

Steel Magnolias
Image Source: Everett Collection

When was the first time you realized you loved Sam Shepard? If you're a rom-com fan, maybe it was during Baby Boom, where he keeps Diane Keaton (and the audience) swooning. If you're more of an action-lover, maybe you couldn't get enough of him in Black Hawk Down or appreciated his small-but-memorable role in Swordfish. No matter what genre you prefer, it's obvious that Shepard was a man of many talents, who could effortlessly light up any film he appeared in.

The 73-year-old actor and playwright passed away from complications from ALS, or Lou Gehrig's disease, on Thursday, and the news left Hollywood reeling. He leaves behind an impeccable film legacy, full of countless incredible roles that are more than deserving of a repeat watch. Check out our favorite picks ahead.

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