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Saturday Night Live Sally O'Malley Skit | Video

Celebrate Molly Shannon's 50th With SNL's Sally O'Malley: "I'm 50 Years Old!"

The only way to properly celebrate actress Molly Shannon's 50th birthday on Tuesday is with a nod to her 50-year-old Saturday Night Live character, Sally O'Malley. Proud of her age and her moves, Sally is all about the kick and the stretch — and the very tight red pants, which she always seems to be pulling up. As she regularly announces, Sally's 50 years old, and she likes "to kick, stretch, and kick!" In a 2012 interview, Shannon explained the surprising inspiration behind the character: her father. The actress explained, "He was very badly injured in a car accident and had to wear braces on his legs and had to learn to walk again . . . I would do versions of him in many of my characters. It was a reaction to wanting him to kick off his braces." Celebrate Shannon's 50th with a nostalgic look back at Sally O'Malley, then check out the most hilarious Mary Katherine Gallagher moments for a tribute to one of Shannon's most popular SNL characters!

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