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Scandal Season 3 Finale Recap

The Most Explosive Moments of the Scandal Season Finale

If there's one thing I love about Scandal, it's that it throws one heck of a season finale. This week's closer is epic for a number of reasons, but it's also tragic. There's a major death we (or I, at least) didn't see coming at all, and the episode ends on a big cliffhanger. Don't read any further unless you've watched the whole episode. If you've seen it (or just don't care), read on! We have things to discuss.

  1. The bomb goes off at the Hightower funeral. In true Scandal fashion, the episode begins with a bang when the bomb that was first assumed to have been at Defiance High School goes off at the Senator's funeral. The building is 75 percent evacuated, but good news: Vice President Langston totally saves all the others with her superior medical skills.
  2. Quinn and Huck get caught having sex in the office. Was the car-hood sex not enough? Quinn and Huck have to defile the office, too? The icing on top of the cake is that they do it because the blood stain from Rowan's stabbing turns them on. This is way too weird. No, thank you.
  3. Olivia tells Fitz that Big Jerry raped Mellie. Finally! The cat is out of the bag. I'm really impressed with the way Fitz handles the news that his wife — currently drowning in a sea of booze — was raped by his father years ago. He doesn't even care that their son could possibly have been fathered by his disgusting creep of a dad. (He wasn't, just FYI.)
  4. Huck goes back to his family. Remember how Huck had a family before B613 ruins his life? Quinn finds them. At first Huck is really not into the whole reconciliation idea, given that they think he died years ago and it's probably for the best. Then he reconsiders and shows up on the doorstep. I really need to see how this goes, and I hope it involves Huck getting better, because I cannot deal with his mental state anymore.
  5. Little Jerry dies of bacterial meningitis. Poor Little Jerry gets caught in the crossfire of his father's battle. He starts coughing blood onstage during Fitz's speech and within the day, he's pronounced dead. This is a tragic turn, even for Scandal. On the bright side, Fitz wins the election with a pity vote!
  6. Olivia and Jake leave together. Olivia has had it. Despite being in love with Fitz, she takes her father up on his offer to help her escape to a new life, and she takes Jake up on his offer to "stand in the sun together." I would love this if I didn't know it's all completely doomed.
  7. All the bad things are Rowan's fault! In a finale full of eye-popping moments, this is the big reveal. Rowan, who we've gotten to know (and trust?) this season, has been behind everything. He tells Olivia at the beginning of the season that he would get her on a plane out of DC "come hell or high water," and he does it! It takes him all season of scheming, enlisting Fitz's chief security detail, Tom, to kill Adnan and prick Little Jerry with the stolen meningitis strain, but Rowan accomplishes his goal. On the way, he gets reinstated as head of B613 and Maya is now his prisoner, yet again.

Here are my questions: Is Harrison definitely dead? What's in the file that Charlie gives Quinn that will supposedly "destroy any chance of happiness" she and Huck have? What will David do with all the files Jake sends him? Will Huck's family accept him back? Is Fitz OK? To sum up my feelings about all this:

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