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Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Red Spot Video

Exclusive: See Stomach-Turning Footage of "The Red Spot" From Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

If you spent nights as a kid reading (and later, having nightmares about) Alvin Schwartz's Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark series, then Guillermo del Toro has some good news for you: he's bringing the iconic tales to the big screen, and he also gave us an exclusive look at one of the most horrifying scenes in the film.

In the clip above, we watch as Ruth (Natalie Ganzhorn), one of the teenagers who's unlucky enough to stumble upon a cursed book of stories in their town, realizes that something far more disgusting than a pimple is growing on her cheek. The scene is based on Schwartz's "The Red Spot," and we're already feeling nauseous.

"'The Red Spot' is one of those stories that everybody tells, and everyone knows a friend of a friend who has a sister that this happened to," del Toro, who's producing the film, says in the featurette. "[It's] one of those tales about horrible consequences."

Ganzhorn, whose character is skeptical that the stories could affect them in real life, also gives a little insight into what Ruth is going through when she sees herself in the mirror of her high school's bathroom. "Ruth fears not being perfect," the actress explains. "That's what's so horrifying to her when she realizes what's happening."

Watch the "Red Spot" featurette above, and be sure to keep an eye out for the film when it arrives in theaters on Aug. 9!

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