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Scream Queens Cafeteria Fight Scene Video

If You've Ever Been Catcalled, This Scream Queens Fight Scene Is Your Biggest Fantasy

Scream Queens aired the first of three Halloween episodes on Tuesday night, and in between tracking down the tub baby and unearthing dead bodies in a haunted house, a handful of characters are embroiled in a truly epic, totally over-the-top fight scene in the campus cafeteria. After deciding that they are tired of eating cotton balls soaked in sauce for lunch, the Chanels — now including a glammed-out Hester — are on their way to get pizza before being accosted by a smarmy frat guy who hits on them with horrible pickup lines before suggesting that they "smile."

Once Hester kicks him in the groin, it's on: both he and another churlish bystander get a quadruple ass-kicking while Belinda Carlisle's "Mad About You" plays in the background. Let's face it; this is something every woman has probably thought about doing to an obnoxious catcaller. As the show's official Twitter account put it, "The Chanels are not here for your misogynistic crap." Watch the scene above now, then check out the Taylor Swift parody video that aired during the episode.

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